I have been working for Iowa State University’s College of Engineering as a Teaching assistant for various courses since the fall of 2013. During this time, I’ve been a lab TA in CprE 185 (Introduction to Problem Solving I), CprE 186 (Introduction to Problem Solving II), CprE 218 (Digital Logic), CprE 288 (Introduction to Embedded Systems), CprE 230 (Cyber Security Fundamentals), CprE430 (Networking Protocols and Security), and CprE431 (Information Systems Security).

In addition, I also functioned for a brief period of time as a peer mentor for the CprE 185 learning community.


  • Lab instruction
  • Pre-exam review sessions
  • Office hours
  • Lab equipment maintenance
  • Exam grading
  • Scheduling learning community activities
  • Course development
  • Virtual Classroom management (vSphere)

Skills Learned

  • Professional communication
  • Public speaking
  • Instruction of concepts in
    • C/C++
    • Digital logic
    • Project management
    • Embedded systems/sensors
    • vSphere systems management
    • Templated deployment and management
  • Time management