Needless to say, I’ve finally got my yearly tan back! I was starting to look a little pale there, but after a few days in the sun, nobody’d take me as a computer engineer.


“And where, pray do tell, were you able to achieve such a feat in all of Germany?” I hear you ask. “What’s your secret?” Well, avid reader, the trick is to not stay in Germany! As I’m sure you’ve already guessed from the title, I was fortunate enough to find myself in Germany’s unofficial 17th Bundesland this past weekend: the wonderful island of Palma Mallorca. It really was the perfect weekend get-away, with beaches all around and yet just enough German to keep me sane.

We left early on Thursday and arrived around mid-day. Getting off the airplane upon our arrival was simply amazing. Nothing but pale blue sky for as far as the eye could see, and honest-to-God direct sunlight! No clouds, no rain, just sunshine and the promise for a good time. We headed straight to our AirB&B and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was only a block away from the beach (which we spent the rest of the day at, playing Frisbee and trying the local dish, Paella).


Friday we spent the majority of our time at another beach near the harbor of Palma before walking through the local bay area. We walked around the Cathedral (which is simply stunning!) and through its many winding, curving streets. After we made it back to our neighborhood, we stopped by the local grocery store and loaded up in preparation for a last-minute BBQ. Given our restricted food selection and lack of utensils, we managed to throw one mother of a BBQ, complete with home-made garlic bread, roasted mushrooms, charcoal roasted patties, and plenty of beer.


After properly enjoying some good American cuisine we ventured out bar hopping until the early hours of the morning. We tried many places along the harbor, jumping from club to club, until we finally hit gold - The Shamrock. That night we were lucky enough to stumble in just as a live band was setting up, and along with a few Guinness’, we were in for quite the night.

Yesterday was pretty laid back - we had originally wanted to arrange a boating trip or scuba diving/snorkeling, but due to the lack of prior notice, we weren’t able to arrange anything in time. We ended up lounging at the beach for the last time, every once in a while mustering up enough effor to toss the Frisbee back and forth for a bit.


Last night we watched the Germany vs Italy game at a local restrauant, along with some of the coldest beer in all of Spain. It was a tense game, and when it came down to the final shoot out, both sides of the establishment were ringing with alternating shreeks of joy and wails of panic. In the end, we were finally able to claim victory, before trundling back out into the night.

We arrived safely back home today, and have effectivly done nothing but lay in bed. I should be working on my project for German class, but after the adventure that was this last weekend, I’m beginning to think I need a vacation! :D