This makes post 8 for this summer - not bad! Can’t say that I’ve been entirely consistent with posting schedule, but things are getting written down, and I’m still having the time of my life. This weekend I decided to play it pretty easy and stay within NRW for a change - no extensive traveling or excessive touring. And I have to say, I think I really needed it! (Kind of sounds bad, doesn’t it? Taking a vacation from my vacation?)


Yesterday UROP decided to provide a short nature excursion - specifically hiking to the north of Köln. I should remember the name of the place, but honestly too lazy to look - Somewhere by Leverkusen, if I recall. Regardless, it was absolutely beautiful! The weather was cool and the terrain not too bad. I had to be a little more cautious than usual, as I’d twisted my ankle earlier on in the week while bouldering (Yes! I went bouldering!!), but we had some amazing views and visited a quaint old cathedral as well - fun fact, it’s the only cathedral around which is used by both Catholic AND Protestant religious congregations.


I think the hike lasted around 4/5 hours - we brought lunch with us. After hiking down from the hills, we tucked into some fine local waffle-making before heading back to Köln for Dinner and fireworks, where we met up with a secondary group at Peter’s Bauhaus. I have to say, the staff treated us quite well! They kept the Kölch flowing and served some excellent dishes - I had a roasted bore’s foot (delicious!).

Later we headed out toward the riverfront to observe the Kölner Lichter - fireworks over the river Rhein. We were on the opposite side of the bridge from where the fireworks were being lit, but we still had a pretty decent view of the show, and every once in a while were even able to hear the music, to which the fireworks were being ignited to. The atmosphere was brilliant and I even saw some new styles of fireworks - completely worth the wait!


The scramble back to the train station was quite extraordinary - hundreds of people all heading toward the same destination at the same time. Luckily most of us were light of foot and were able to duck dodge swerve and slither through the crowd, just catching the midnight train - needless to say we all slept quite soundly on the train ride back.

Today I can safely say that I have no plan of action - nor do I plan on forming any plans. All of this traveling around has completely wiped me out - I actually find it impressive that I can form coherent thoughts at this current point in time (Sorry if this article comes out in gibberish!). I slept in until 14:00 today, and have only rolled out of bed long enough to take a shower and connect my laptop to its charger.


I think that today I’ll try to do some creative writing, and hell - I might even do some reading too! (although if I’m completely honest, it will probably boil down to me watching the last few episodes of Tokyo Ghoul :D ).

Thanks for the read!

P.S. - for any of you anime fans out there, can confirm - Tokyo Ghoul is work the time.