Alright folks, buckle in - this is going to be a long read!

As I write this post, dear reader, I teeter on the delicate edge between conciousness and the black abyss of exhaustion. This weekend has been absolutly jammed-packed with adventure, with everything from busses to hiking, from martians to running water, and even the dreaded Alps. I’m currently writing this from the comfort of a bus, speeding it’s way through the night, whisking us back to home and the sweet embrace of our beds…

It all began Friday morning, with the sound of frantic packing. I had decided to pack as much as I could before work and just bring my pack with me, so I could leave for the train station afterwards - we had a train from Aachen to Köln, and from there would catch our bus.

Upon our arrival, we hit the ground running - we could sleep when we were dead. We hunted down our hostel

All jokes aside, Salzburg really was an amazing place.